Edison's Prom Queen "DIVA"
Diva is my first bulldog. It was a long trip to meet Mickey in Georgia from Ohio but once I had her in my arms the 18 hour trip was all worth it. The whole ride home Diva was in my lap. Once home she was introduced to my mastiff Layne accepted her like her own. Diva never really learned to be a bulldog more like a mastiff. I could of never done it without Layne's mothering skills to teach Diva right and wrong. We miss you Layne but Diva has turned out to be a great Mastiff LOL bulldog. 
Diva has chores around the house she heards the  chickens for me in the evening, hunts with me when we rabbit hunt, and chases the vaccumm to get me cleaning. Thank you Mickey so much for allowing this amazing bulldog into my family.
Diva's very first litter was out of Blackgold's Rocky and well it was perfect. 8 bully babies and 2 blue girls what kind of luck. I had no idea how lucky I was to have this kind of litter is was amazing.Thank you to Blackgold for allowing me to pick which girl I wanted.The tri female had cleaner points and was soo nice we picked the darker female who was a trindle and well that is TOPAZ. Topaz to me is the most amazing bullie female I have ever seen. 
Breeding DIVA this month March 2013 to a nice Blue tri male
Diva is 52# and 12 inches tall.