Our Conditions on       Purchasing A Puppy
   from Edison Bulldogs
           Thank you for your interest in one of our bulldog puppies. 
                We appreciate you seeing our quality of bullies  
Please Read This Entire Page Before proceeding with a purchase of
                                     one of our puppies.

Edison Bulldogs requires a _____________ NON REFUNDABLE Deposit to hold the
Bulldog Puppy of your choice.(or pick of your choice.Sometimes with a stud pick we are not always able to let you pick the puppy in that case it will be based on the order the deposits are taken. If you are reserving a Puppy of Color (Black, Tri, or Chocolate) your deposit will be$_________. PLEASE understand that we Will Not Refund a Deposit for Any Reason, No Exceptions! Edison Bulldogs has this rule in place for the simple fact that while we are holding a Bulldog Puppy for you, we are missing out on selling that Puppy to other interested customers.  

If you back out of purchasing your Bulldog Puppy, due to buyers remorse or other reasons, you will lose your Deposit. So please be sure that you want the Puppy before placing your Deposit.Or applied to a future breeding of our choice. Same color and sex though. May take up to 2 yrs.

Please understand that a Puppy is a living, breathing animal. A Puppy is not a material item that you purchase from a store and return for a refund because you change your mind - for whatever reason. You have to take responsibility once you are serious enough to put money towards your puppy.

The remaining balance must be Paid in Full no later than 6 weeks of age. This gives us time to arrange vet visit, shipping, etc during the last 2 weeks before time to pick up or deliver your puppy. Or if for some unfortunate reason, you can not go through with the purchase of your puppy, this will give us that 2 weeks to find a new home for him/her by 8 weeks of age. The puppies are the ones who suffer when held past 8 weeks without going to a family because of non-paying customers.

Your Puppy MUST be paid for in FULL by 6 weeks of age, or you will forfeit your Deposit and the puppy will be relisted.Unless other arrangements are made.Unless you are picking the puppy up.

Sorry, but we CAN NOT hold a Puppy without a Deposit. 

If paying in person, you MUST pay with CASH, No Exceptions!

If you are in another State (not within driving distance) and 
are interested in one of our Bulldog Puppies, a $350-450 shipping fee will be added to your total due, to have your puppy flown to your nearest Airport or delivered to you via our USDA approved puppy nanny.

We also offer Payment Plans to our Customers. We are very aware that Bulldog Pups are costly. Not everyone has the entire balance due in the bank to spare, all at one time. You can make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments on your puppy until 6 weeks of age. Your puppy MUST be paid for in FULL by 6 weeks. 

If you place a reservation deposit on a future puppy and that litter fails to produce your desired gender/color or if the puppy passes away from complications that are out of our control (milk aspiration or fading puppy syndrome), your deposit and any payments made will be transferred to a puppy of your gender/color choice from the very next litter due. No refunds will be issued.

Please keep in mind, that we are responsible for the health of your puppy until the day he/she leaves our home. However, we will NOT be responsible for any issues or complications arising due to or during shipping. The shipper is paid separately from us and we have NO CONTROL over shipping time or contact with other animals, during delivery to you. If you are in any way concerned about the welfare of your puppy during shipping, we are more than happy to meet you at our local Airport for personal pick-up of your new puppy.

Any puppy Purchased here @ Edison Bulldogs cannot be resold or co-owned without breeders consent. If it is found to of happen all paperwork will be revoked and the new owner will have nothing but a nice pet. 

Puppy bought from Edison Bulldogs will not be rehomed once she or he is done breeding without breeder consent.