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Have you owned a bullie before?
If so can you tell me a little about them
Are you aware that bulldogs are a Brach cephalic (Snubbed nose) breed and are prone to breathing problems as well as being intolerant to the heat
Have you read up on bulldogs ?
Would you like a informational packet?

Why did you pick the English Bulldog as pet for you?
Are you willing to find a bulldog specific vet if it requires traveling?

Have you ever taken a dog or cat to the pound before: If so what were the circumstances?

How many hours will your bulldog be kept outside? Craited? 
Do you have any other pets?

What is your family living situation? Any children?

Are you interested in showing your Bulldog in confirmation, agility, or obedience matches?
Anything extra you would want to say about you and your family

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Are you a breeder:
Pet (limited)
Breeding (full Register)
Please check out some of these sites before going any further about the health issues in general for bulldogs
Have you owned or bred any other breeds?
Please note that all the information above is truthful and correct. Before you go any further please make sure everything is filled out to the best of your ability. This will go along with the contract and any information is found to be wrong or incorrect it can cost you ,your pet. Sorry to my pet people but people are seeming to be one thing then after they have the puppy change and now want to breed. Please believe I am only looking out for the best interest in my puppies. I do want them to be someones everything not a breeding tool only.