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Welcome to my site below is a lot of useful information about breeding, rearing, feeding, etc.. I am a vet tech and breeding has always been  something I am very interested in. I have attended many of Dr. Hutch's breeding Seminars, studied in college, and trial and error. The biggest part of breeding is making sure your female is fed  high quality food, excersized properly, and has a solid pedigree. All of this makes the dog happy and healthy both inside and out.

We only feed top Holistic foods and raw. At Edison Bulldogs we also use Diatomaceous earth for worming, and 7 dust for fleas. I have been a breeder for over 10 yrs now but only became interested in bulldogs within the last 4 yrs. My first litter was a litter of 7 and 5 were blue tri's. My female Topaz had a litter of 9 and 6 were dark choc tri's. I am a breeder who breeds for myself first and keep the very best for my next generation. It is important to me to have multiple generations on my property,and not to place my retired females. So I have been told I am a pet owner trying to be a breeder and I am fine with that. At this time I have 3 generations on my property.

 Edison Bulldogs knows the importance of a pedigree and in order to lock in a certain type or to have more consistant litter line-breeding must be done. I also know that progesterone testing is of the upmost importance when breeding these bulldogs. I always try to have at least 2 generations planned in advance to make up my breeding program. 

Below is some information that has worked for me with breeding and progesterone. This was taken from Dr. Hutch's last breeding seminar he had.Again please do not hold me to anything this is only what I have learned.
---    Did you know that it is not the male that determines sex.. Male semen travel faster but   
       do not live very long. Female semen live longer but do not travel as fast. So timing 
       actually determines sex.
Breeding Information:
----  Frozen semen only last for less then 24 hours
--  Fresh Chilled Semen 2 to 3 days but remember 12 to 24 hours are lost in the shipping of the semen
----   Fresh Semen  can last in a female for 3-7 days
---  Implant breed 72 hours from te initial rise of 5ng. If you are at all worried you do not 
      have that big jump wait 1 more day.
----  Once ovulated takes approx. 48 hours to become fertile -- remains fertile for up to 48 hours
----  C-section is 63 days from Ovulation
Progesterone Chart:
Please document every heat your females comes in. Even if it is her first heat or you are not breeding her write it down when she flags when the blood changes etc. This will help you save money on progesterone when it comes time to breed. This will also let you know more about your females heat no 2 girls cycle the exact same. There also seems to be a big differece from your females 1st heat to her 2nd. I have waited 4 months and so far my female has not come into her 2nd heat. Here at Edison Bulldogs there is not need to rush the breeding process so we feel it is healtier and better for our girls not to be bred on their first heat. 
I usually start on day 7 I know it is early but some of my girls go fast. 
-----       Remember your female can go back down to a .2 or even .1 - this depends on her environment 
           time of day etc. I will not take a female to be bred until I know she has went over 2.5 If it is a long
           drive. I have had my girls stall out. 
------      When the LH surge goes over 1.0 to 1.9 - you breed in 5 to 6 days
--------     If the 5th day seems a little early - you breed on the 6th or 7th day - then skip a day then breed again
-------   If you draw blood and the level is .2 or .3 - then wait 3 days and draw again
------    If you draw blood and the level is .7 or .8 - then you do it evey other day 
Once you start to see the level at:
2.0 to 2.9 ng/ml = breed in 4 to 5 days
3.0 to 3.9 ng/ml = breed in 3 to 4 days
4.0 to 8.0 ng/ml = breed today or tom. - then this is where the LH Surge Occurs
Over 8.0 ng/ml with no white sells - then the bitch has ovulated
When you hit the level above 5.0 ng/ml this is day 1 of ovulation. Then it takes approx. 48 hours for the ovas to mature enough to be fertilized ... then they can be fertilazed for approx. another 48 hours.
It seems as if the females that have the greatest surges are the most fertile. Or the easiest to get pregnant but the hardest to test because they are easy to miss
When you have bitches that do not swell up or have a lot of discharge - then check their thyroid level and they may have to be on thyroid pills.
We increase our girls protein intake 2 wks before their heat cycle begins. This helps drop more eggs for the females
We give our female whole rolled oats at day 55 to help with Milk production
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