above Mom & Daughter Below Father & daughter
Shrinkabulls Ace Sire & Edison's Diva dam

       Tundra is produced by Edison Bulldogs but Co-owned with the stud owner. She is the results of the one and only Intl Ch.Shrinkabulls Ace. This boy has it all.. Just so everyone knows ,this boy is more impressive In person he is BETTER then in the pictures. The bone the rope the dog he is a powerful amazing boy. I was so happy and felt so privledged to be able to use this boy. Diva is her mom and Topaz her half sister. I cannot describe how amazing Tunda is. There were 7 in the litter all of the rest went to great pet homes. As a breeder you always want to produce better then what you have and I did just that now the only problem is producing better then Tundra. Hopefully between myself and Anndrea we can find that perfect male to make the breeding outstanding.
Bred By Edison Bulldogs co-owned with Shrinkabulls